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Room Additions for Luxury Homes in San Antonio

Enhance your San Antonio, Texas, area home with a luxury room addition by Sandoval Contracting, a leading luxury residential remodeling services provider in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you need more space in your home, an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen or a room with an additional purpose, such as a separate entertainment room, an addition will add significantly more livability, high-quality space and value to your home. 

Add More Space and Functionality to Your Luxury Home with Room Additions

There is no limit to the possibilities of adding a room onto your existing house. We encourage you to consult with a member of our expert design-and-built team who can take your vision of an added room and turn it into the perfect addition to your home. We have experienced the satisfaction of San Antonio luxury home owners who have improved their houses with a room addition. It is the single-best method to boost floor space, home comfort and real estate value. 

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Sandoval Contracting | Enhancing Your San Antonio Home with a Room Addition

Our tried-and-true room addition process is highly successful in creating the perfect extension to your existing floor plan of your San Antonio luxury home. Our design-and-build team will meet with you to understand your vision for the room addition and incorporate our expertise in the latest features, styles and technology of materials and finishes to create an outstanding new space in your home while blending it in with the existing layout so that it is a naturally beautiful part of your home. The sky’s the limit when it comes to ways you can make the most of a room addition. Besides enlarging a room, an entire new room or addition can be created, including an additional bedroom, family room, dining room, home office, utility room, laundry room, extra bathroom, playroom, nursery, entertainment room, home theater, game room or guest house.

Remodel Your Luxury Home with a Room Addition

After discussing what your vision of the new space is, our luxury home remodeling experts will evaluate the adjacent structure to design a layout that enhances your home, incorporating all of your preference and building requirements, including a foundation, framing, roofing, windows and sliding glass doors, storage space, utilities, lighting and finishes. Besides securing local building permits, ordering materials and supplies, your assigned project manager will work closely with carpenters, tradespeople and vendors to complete the room in addition to your exact specifications, budget and deadline. 

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Impressive Home Additions and Expansions

Now you can experience that extra space you have wanted for your home with a beautiful room addition designed and constructed by the luxury home remodeling experts at Sandoval Contracting of San Antonio. Explore the possibilities to add space to your home by calling one of our highly experienced home addition experts today.

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