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Severe weather in San Antonio, Texas, can cause significant damage to roofs, which bear the brunt of winds, rain and hail. Blasts from winds can tear off whole sections of shingles and tiles, damaging underlying roofing layers and even harming structural components of the roof and building. Hail can pound vulnerable roofing materials, battering them to a condition that no longer properly protects the building beneath it. If your home or business has been damaged by bad weather, including thunderstorms, wind gusts, heavy rain and tropical storms, contact the local leaders in repairing storm-damaged roofs—Sandoval Contracting Inc. of Metro San Antonio for superior storm damage roofing repair and restoration.

Restoration Experts for Roofs Damaged by Storms

Call the storm damage roofing team at Sandoval Contracting Inc., San Antonio, for an inspection and evaluation of your storm-damaged roof. Our roofing repair experts can determine the exact extent of any damage done by storms and recommend remedies to repair the damage to make your roof just like new again. If you observe obvious damage such as missing shingles and tiles, we advise you file an insurance claim so that your insurance company covers repairs and restoration. Our customer service team is available to help you file the storm damage roofing claim with your insurance company, too. We can make arrangements with your home insurance claims adjuster to speed up the process of getting quotes, getting insurance compensation and, of course, having your roof expertly repaired.

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Act Right Away When You Notice Your Roof Damaged by Storms

It is best to act quickly if you notice your roof has sustained storm damage because you may prevent even more damage to the roof and structure if the damage is mitigated and professionally repaired. Water damage from consecutive storms can make matters worse, so call our team today to get the roof repair process going as soon as possible. The team at Sandoval Contracting Inc., San Antonio, will make things as easy, smooth and convenient as we can. We care about all of our neighbors, and will help you get your roof repaired so it is as good as new again. Our business has been built by a focus on exceptional customer service, high-quality work and affordability. Sandoval Contracting Inc. is ready to help you get your storm damaged roof restored so that your home is fully protected again.

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Restoration Experts for Roofs Damaged by Storms

Our team is ready to help you get a storm damaged roof repaired the right way. Sandoval Contracting provides excellent roof repair services throughout the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan Area, including Austin, New Braunfels and San Marcos, Texas. We urge you to call us for a storm damaged roof inspection, consultation and written estimate today.

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