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Home Theater and Media Room Additions for Luxury Homes in San Antonio

Creating a home theater or media room addition for your home opens up the opportunity for you and your family to view movies, TV programming and live sports, play video games and entertain guests in a special place for the occasion. If you have always fantasized about adding your very own custom home theater and media room, now is the time to make it a reality with Sandoval Contracting of San Antonio, Texas. 

A Premium Home Theater and Media Room Experience by Sandoval Contracting

Sandoval Contracting offers custom-built solutions for home theater, cinema space and media room additions for luxury homeowners in San Antonio. Now you can experience the excitement, enjoyment and flexibility of viewing your favorite films, TV programming, live sporting events and gaming right in the ultimate comfort of your own home. Tell us about what would make your dream home theater and media room addition, and we will design and build your perfect space. Both the styling of the home theater and media room space and the technical installation of the audio-visual equipment are vital in creating the entertainment space of your dreams. 

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Sandoval Contracting | Our Process for Creating Home Theater and Media Room Additions

The design-and-build team at Sandoval Contracting will help you match your home’s overall style with your home theater or media room addition, and work out the technical aspects, including viewing angles, acoustics, smart home interconnectivity and more.  

Adding components for a cinema room, home theater or media room addition, often include a projector and screen, or big-screen TVs, surround sound and lighting systems, blackout window treatments, media rack, wiring, soundproofing, special flooring, chairs, row seating or recliners and other premium amenities like seat vibration, popcorn maker and custom-built features. 

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Enhancing Your San Antonio Home with a Custom-Built Home Theater and Media Room

Investing in a home theater and media room addition can offer the most enjoyment of any added space to your home. Cinema-quality sound and video mixed with the comfort of hand-picked seating help create the perfect environment to watch movies, TV programming, live-action sports with your family and friends in your home. From a classic movie theater look to a modern styling, the design-and-build team at Sandoval Contracting of San Antonio will create a super luxury home theater and media room experience based on your vision and requirements.

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