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Sandoval Contracting Inc. is an innovative general contractor for education construction, involved in the planning, project management and building of schools and educational facilities throughout the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan Area. The team at Sandoval Contracting Inc. is committed to building, remodeling and renovating buildings that are safe, comfortable, people-friendly and energy-efficient buildings. We are recognized for seamless project management of all types of educational constructions ranging from urgent school renovations to new construction of complex educational facility construction projects.


Building Beautiful and Highly Functional Educational Structures

Our experienced team is skilled at delivering high-quality planning, pre-construction, project management and general contracting services for education construction and school construction projects. We partner with our clients from the beginning, leveraging our team’s innovative instincts and organizational discipline. We guide the project forward to reach milestone priorities and to achieve budgetary, time and resource constraints. Sandoval Contracting Inc. has completed construction on a wide range of high-quality buildings for the educational sector throughout San Antonio.

  • Charter schools
  • Colleges
  • Community colleges
  • Educational institutions
  • Elementary schools
  • Higher education
  • K-12 schools
  • Libraries
  • Nursery schools
  • Pre-schools
  • Private schools
  • Public schools
  • Universities

Sandoval Contracting Inc. | Leaders in Constructing Schools and Educational Facilities

We understand the absolute critical nature of creating a healthy, sound and safe learning environment for students, teachers and staff of learning facilities and schools. Our experience with school construction has enabled us to use best practices in the industry to deliver outstanding educational facilities on time and on budget. We know the communities and schools in the San Antonio area and support the residents, students and teachers and staff in those communities. Sandoval Contracting Inc. has been an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau since 2013 with an A+ rating and are members of the Hispanic Contractors Association, organized to promote and support the educational advancement and growth of small, minority, women-lead and veteran-owned firms in the contracting community.

Turn to the Leaders in Construction for Schools and Education

Sandoval Contracting

Modern education construction contracting requires a full understanding of the changing demands of the learning environments in schools. Our experience in building schools allows us to enhance the environment of students, teachers and staff who live and work in these facilities. Call Sandoval Contracting for the expertise you require for your school construction project.

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