Gourmet Kitchen Remodeling

Gourmet Kitchen Remodeling for Luxury Homes in San Antonio

Elevate the utility, convenience and elegance of your existing kitchen with a gourmet kitchen remodeling by Sandoval Contracting, a premier provider of luxury home remodeling services in San Antonio, Texas. Transform an ordinary kitchen into the gourmet kitchen of your dreams with the design-and-build expertise of our luxury home remodeling, renovation and restoration team. Meet with our team for inspiration to create a truly special space for preparing gourmet meals and gathering with family and friends.

Repurposing Your Kitchen—What Many Consider the Most Important Room of Your Home

A gourmet kitchen elevates an ordinary home kitchen with professional-quality appliances and features the allows preparation of elaborate meals for the serious cook while providing ample space and amenities to entertain guests in your home. Besides commercial quality appliances and features, a well-designed gourmet kitchen employs an effective work triangle, uses premium-quality materials and finishes and includes modern technology to make the space practical and convenient. A beautifully and useful gourmet kitchen is modeled after a professional kitchen with design elements that blend with the aesthetics of your home. 

Sandoval Contracting | How We Create Gourmet Kitchens in San Antonio

Rising above the usual home kitchen, a gourmet kitchen will have features that allow you to more easily prepare menus that will please your family and guests with more space to entertain guests to your home. A gourmet kitchen typically has an open floor plan to move around the kitchen more easily, prep and serve dishes and with room to interact with family members and guests. Other common features of a gourmet kitchen include a large island setup, high-end appliances, premium lighting and lots of storage space. Consider some of the must-have features of a gourmet kitchen, including top-of-the-line, commercial-quality appliances, countertops, backsplash, storage, dual sink, ceiling-mounted pot rack, lighting, island setup and breakfast bar. Our gourmet kitchen design specialists will review with you additional upgrades, including an ice machine, wine cooler, beverage cooler, overhead sink sprayer, separate preparation sink, dual commercial-quality gas ovens and ranges, dutch oven, commercial ventilation hoods, 

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Envision A Gourmet Kitchen for Your Luxury Home with Sandoval Contracting

Sandoval Contracting offers superior luxury residential remodeling services throughout the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan Area. Sandoval Contracting provides complete luxury remodeling, renovation and restoration building services.

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Transform Your Kitchen with Sandoval Contracting | Luxury Home Remodeling in San Antonio

Experience the true joy of having a gourmet kitchen in your San Antonio home by partnering with the luxury home remodeling leader Sandoval Contracting—your single-source design-build contracting expert for kitchen remodeling, renovation and restoration services. Now you can have the kitchen that you have always dreamed about—a gourmet kitchen and gathering place for family members and friends. Call us to set an appointment with our design-and-build team to discuss your vision for a gourmet kitchen remodeling that will express your style and deliver practicality, modern features and design elements that will take your ideas of an upgraded kitchen to the next level.

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