Room Additions

Do you want a bigger home but don’t want to go through all the effort of buying a new house? With room additions, you can enjoy the benefits of a larger home without having to completely relocate. Additions to your home can be used for different kinds of purposes, depending on the needs of you and your family. At Sandoval Contracting, we’ll help you with all of your spacing needs by constructing a new part of the home that blends seamlessly with your existing construction.

If you have been considering room additions for a while, you may already know what type of addition you may want to add to your home. What will the purpose of the additional room serve? Will it be for storage? Will you use it as another place to gather with your family? Will it be a new bedroom for your growing family and visiting guests? Do you need extra space to play with the family? Will you use it for an office? Answering these questions will help you get to the bottom of what you really need a room addition for.

With Sandoval Contracting, we will take your need for room additions and help you develop a solution. We’ll help you figure out the exact size of the room addition and where exactly you want it in your house. As experts in the field of construction and with years of experience adding rooms to homes, we’ll give you our honest opinion about what will work and look best with your home.

We have been helping the San Antonio community expand homes and create new living spaces with the help of room additions. Contact us today and make your home feel more comfortable than ever before!