Interior Painting

Have you just moved into a new home? Or have you been living in your home for years? No matter how long you’ve spent in your home, taking the time to redecorate can instantly make your home feel new again. For many people, freshening up the coat of paint on their walls or trying a completely new color scheme can be enough to help them admire their home just like they did when they first moved in. With interior painting from Sandoval Contracting, you can turn your home inside out with a new coat of colors.

The interior painting process is broken into just a few steps to bring you the freshest look for your home.


Once you are ready to begin the interior painting process, we will come in and carefully rearrange your furniture and drape drop cloths and plastic sheeting. This will protect all of your favorite furniture, decorations, and floors from any paint that might drip during the painting stage. If you need any cracks or holes replaced in the ceiling or walls, these can be filled for a better end result.


Once the preparations have been made, painting begins. We’ll thoroughly and carefully paint every desired surface in as many rooms as you wish. With Sandoval Contracting, interior painting is a delicate process and we are committed to achieve the sharpest look anywhere in the San Antonio area.


After all coats of paint have dried, we will carefully restore each room’s furniture to its original place. Any equipment we have used, including drop cloths and protective plastic sheeting, will be removed from the home. The cleaning stage of our interior painting process ensures that nothing is left behind except for a room that looks brand new.


After we have cleaned and restored your room back to its original state, you can inspect the quality of our work before we leave you with your brand new room. At this point, our interior painting has been completed and you’re welcome to enjoy the new look!

Ready to get started with interior painting in your home today? Give us a call today and let us know what you need done!