Exterior Painting

At Sandoval Contracting, we provide the highest quality exterior painting service in all of San Antonio. We are helping homeowners and business owners all over the region transform their homes and buildings by giving the exterior a new, fresh look.

Protect Your Home

Painting the exterior of your home or business will help protect your home from the weathering elements outside and important in keeping your entire home free of damage. With years of experience under our belts we pride in choosing the best quality paint and equipment to use in all exterior painting projects.

Stand Out in Your Community

Changing the exterior look of your home will help you stand out in your neighborhood. A fresh coat of paint will help you cover up any damage that has accumulated over time from weather and other circumstances outside of your control. You can also choose to go with a completely new color and take everyone by surprise! Exterior painting is the easiest way to stand out or modernize the look of your home or building.

No matter how small or large your home or building is, our team can handle the task. All of our professional painters are highly trained and experienced in handling all kinds of exterior painting projects all across San Antonio. At Sandoval Contracting, we commit to providing you the best quality service in as little time as possible.

Whatever your exterior painting needs are, we can help! Give us a call today and let us know about your project and your desired outcome.